Never Delete!

I am a big fan of Playlists.  Most people I talk to don’t use them at all.  But for me, I have so many types of music I like, from so many sources, and such a huge amount of it, that I have to have reliable ways of calling up a song or genre.

I have playlists that group according to mood or genre: Balkan Party Bus, Electronica Groove, Saturday Night Cooking and Psycho Country.  I have artist lists, consisting of my very favorite tracks by John McLaughlin, Amon Tobin, Girl Talk, Sparks, Thelonious Monk and Weird Al.  And I have playlists connected with a time or person:  music I explored in 2012, or music my daughter Zosie likes, or music I heard about from Ben, or from Mike, or from George.

But they don’t stay permanently on my iPod.  There’s not enough space for me to have every Playlist I have, 130 of them and counting, comprising the majority of my music that is in the three digit gigabyte range.

Yet there are some songs that I always want to have close at hand, but fall through the cracks of any of my playlist themes.  I don’t have any artist or genre playlist that would include Queen, but I do love Don’t Stop Me Now, not to mention Weird Al’s style parody of Queen, Ringtone.   Kate Bush has countless masterpieces, and for brief periods I might want to keep my whole Kate Bush playlist on my iPod, but only her Rocket Man (perhaps the greatest cover in the history of music) is something I always want to dial up.  Gil Scott-Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and Kenny Roger’s Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town are also timeless and one of a kind.  Certain balls-out pieces of classical music, like the first movement of Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata, or an emotional bath like Act I of Wagner’s Die Walkure, I must hear sometimes.

So I created Never Delete! …the playlist…the other day.

A Never Delete is a song I want to play for a friend I haven’t seen in a long time.  Or a song that I love hearing when driving through a forest, or a Southern California freeway, or a rain shower.  Or a song so connected with a time and place, a former roommate, or food I used to cook.  But only if the song is really good, of course.

You won’t find songs on here I felt “compelled” to include because I need to have at least one Doors classic or a classic Clapton solo.  You won’t find songs that are already omnipresent and overplayed, i.e. “Classic Rock” (except the ones so great that even overplay doesn’t chip away at their greatness).

You will find many songs that make you ask, for example, “of all the Beatles songs, why just those three?”  (Simple, because I’m the one who created the list.)  You will find songs, artists, and genres you’ve never heard of…that may just change your life forever.

One a day, that’s my goal.  Hope you enjoy the ride!